About This Clump of Stardust

Hello dear friend,

I am a clump of Stardust, just like you. See? We already have much in common!

However, my stars are tricky, mischievous little things that together have decided that while they would create my being, they would not make it easy, though they have certainly made it interesting. I have been chronically ill since the day I was born, yet through most of my childhood I didn’t know it. Among invisible and painful chronic illnesses, abuse, and a great deal of laughter to survive it all, I have become the person I am, for all the good and bad that entails.

My life has been a tragedy and a comedy, and I’d like to imagine that my experiences have made for good storytelling. I write from the inner most parts of my heart, spilling my life lessons and experiences out into my computer in the hope that it will not only allow me to express myself in the way I adore most, but also that  my words will bring comfort to those similar to myself who deal with constant physical and mental anguish.

This is my life in text- the inner most parts of my heart are the most sincere, but they are also the most damaged, the most passionate, and the most vulnerable. Some of my posts will make you cry, some will make you laugh, and if I do this job I have given myself as well as I hope to, you may often experience both, which I think is very necessary. Because, as the great pizza John Green says,

“Pain demands to be felt.”