Eleanore Vs. Please Read This Thing!

Dearest friends and readers,

I have been missing in action for far too long due to a combination of  a Chronic Fatigue Syndrome relapse and a bout of Carpal Tunnel that together, made my hands less than operable and filled with fiery needles. This was difficult for me for all kinds of reasons, especially since I had been waiting to announce a special thing. I present to you now, that special thing:

Not that long ago, in a galaxy far away called Missouri, I decided that I wanted to take my site to the next level. I honestly didn’t think I could create something more, so I spent quite a few days glaring at my computer screen, wondering if staring at my blog for long enough would turn it into what I hoped for. Unfortunately, the glaring did not work; however after complaining to two friends about my frustration, they both kindly offered to help me. Thanks to my darling friends John and Bre, as well as the power of friendship, a star was born.

Okay, I’m being extremely dramatic; I’d apologize if I didn’t enjoy it so much. A star may not have been born, however, Sicklystardust.com was, and that is also pretty fantastic. I am so pleased to be able to finally announce this!-Bre and I spent much time and love on this site, and I’m quite proud of what it has become. 

Those of you who already follow me, I have migrated my followers, so you should still receive my posts and be redirected to my site (if it doesn’t work for some reason, please let me know! Small changes may still be needed!)

I created this blog to share my experiences so that others such as myself feel more understood and less alone. Though sometimes the topics I write about are complex and not always the happiest, I hope that love, understanding and compassion is ultimately spread through my writing; and of course, some laughs always help too, even in dark times.

For those who support me in all sorts of ways, thank you. You make it so much more pleasant for me to be, well, me.

Click here to be transported to the new site, and let me know what you think! 




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