Eleanore Vs. Life Update!

Dearest dinosaurs,

Unfortunately my love for writing has recently had to take a back burner because of all the things. My life has been overloaded mostly with moving and dealing with my health. I’ve also been looking for more work to no avail, and continue to do the few side hustles I’m actually capable of as much as I am able.

Despite the stress my life is taking a positive turn that I am more than thankful for; the place I am moving into is far larger than the little upstairs room I’ve been living in since December. My new home will include my own bathroom and my own refrigerator, and far more space. This will be a wonderful improvement from a single tiny fridge shelf and 1/3 of a bathroom. For a moment I was truly scared I would end up in a shelter, until someone amazing came to my rescue and offered me a room in their home. I couldn’t be more relieved or grateful. It’s a slow and obstacle filled crawl, but I am on my way up.

I have so many topics I wish to write about that are patiently waiting in the long list of blog ideas that resides in my phone. Once I am settled in my new place, I am hoping I’ll be able to form a routine that instills good eating, health, work and writing habits to make my life significantly more awesome. I have lists, so you know I mean serious business!

The biggest news, aside from my move, is that after waiting two years and struggling through every day, I received my court hearing date for disability. I know there is still a long road ahead, but the fact that I actually received the date at all is a tremendous step forward not to be taken lightly. Those who are not chronically ill/disabled and who have never needed or tried to win a disability case might not understand the significance, but those who have gone through it know that I have had to fight ruthlessly for that silly paper with a date on it for two whole years. It has brought me at least a small amount of relief knowing that my case is finally moving on.

I swear I will get back to writing properly soon. For now I must deal with one day at a time, including handling my third move in less than two years. On the positive side, I have my boyfriend and several friends who have jumped to my aide to help me since I am not able to lift anything over five pounds due to my Syrinx. Though I tell them frequently I still don’t think I can fully articulate exactly how much it means to have help through the most tiresome and difficult parts of my life. I have very little, but I never forget just how blessed and fortunate I am to be surrounded with kind, loving people who make me a priority in their lives when I need their support most.

My life is rarely ever painless, but the kindness of my friends, my family of choice, and my readers makes it all worth it.

In the great words of the man Disney,




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