New Video! Eleanore Vs. Being an AmbiWHAT?

Dear darling humans!

Do you know what to do when you are convinced you are an extrovert your whole life only to find out later that you aren’t? Me neither!

So, I made a very short video about it. Watch it here!

I believe that this whole personality subject is a very important part of life, and I will probably write and Vlog about it more in the future. This is just an overview.

I hope you enjoy my video, and might even like it so much that you subscribe to my YouTube Channel, so that you can not only see all the videos I put my heart into, but so you can also make me jump up and down in my kitchen and sing, “I got a new subscriber! I got a new subscriber!” While my boyfriend slowly backs away in fear.

In other news, Friday is a somewhat important day for me; the one year anniversary of my hysterectomy. I have been crafting a blog post about it the last few days, because I have so much to say regarding it all. That post won’t be as lighthearted as this is, but just like the rest of life, my blog is a pile of good things, bad things, and all things in the middle. It is a reflection of the life I am living.

From the bottom of my heart to the top of my brain, thanks!




4 thoughts on “New Video! Eleanore Vs. Being an AmbiWHAT?

  1. 1) I look forward to reading your post about your hysterectomy. Yes, I do. In case you are interested, here’s my “hysterversary” post:

    2) Ellie, on the subject of introverts and if you like reading you may enjoy “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking.” (2012)

    Here’s a link about the book:

    You can buy it used online for about $5 —

    … or of course, there’s always the library where the book is free to read! I found this book to be interesting and informative — well worth my time.

    I was much more of an extrovert when I was younger and now am more of an introvert. I found out recently about the term AMBIVERT … ever heard of this term? I think the term “ambivert” is more fitting for many people vs. being forced to choose the black-and-whiteness of “this or that” … so often true for most people when you get down to it … so many shades of grey and nuances to personality … so many people want to put labels on people or place them in restrictive boxes.

    Here’s yet another link — it’s about ambiverts:

    Hugs to you Ellie! 🙂
    ❤ Elizabetcetera

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    1. Hey Elizabeth! So nice to hear from you! Thank you for all the good information, I will read your post tonight! I like that term, hystaversary, and I appreciate your support. It has been a hard first year for sure.
      Also, I am not sure if you actually watched my video, but the Ambiversion thing is precisely what my video is about. I went back and saw there may have been an error in how I linked the video to WordPress, but if you go back to the blog post now, you can watch my little video if you like! I think it is amazing that everything you have just said in this comment is exactly what I have said in my video. I suppose great minds really do think alike! ❤

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      1. Not to worry! if anything you alerted me that my video was not properly embedded, so it worked out! And like I said, I am honestly thrilled that you think the exactly same things on the subject as I said. That means that other probably do as well, and I said it exactly how I wanted it to be, which doesn’t always happen! It’s not redundant, but rather reaffirming!

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