Ellie Vs. YOUTUBE?!

Dear humans!

The past two weeks I have been hinting that I have been working my butt off on a new project, and the time has come to release it into the wild (the project, not my butt, mind you).

I’ve just started a new YouTube Channel!

Naturally, it’s called Sickly Stardust, and will be an extension of my blog. I’ll talk about some of the same things, many different things, and a whole lot of everything. I have wanted to do this for such a long time, and I am so thrilled to have finally gotten the courage to act upon it.

You can watch my very first video here!

I’ve also started a Facebook page where all my Blogs, Vlogs, updates and things I like will be posted.

Click here to be transported to the book of faces!

I’ll still be writing frequently. While I am not entirely sure what my schedule will be especially since I am starting a new job tomorrow, my goal is to have one video and one blog per week.

I say it in my video but I’ll say it again, thank you so much to all my friends and readers who have inspired me to chase a dream while being all that I am, sickness, oddities and all.

I will write a true blog soon, promise!

With all my love,


You’ve got to be the best.
You’ve got to change the world,
And use this chance to be heard.
Your time is now.

~Muse- Butterflies and Hurricanes




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